Hello, we are UnCity Inc.
We specialize in system development related to web production.

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Web system deberopment

  • Full Scratch Development

    Full Scratch Development

  • EC System

    EC System

  • Reservation System

    Reservation System

  • Membership System

    Membership System

Web system deberopment

  • Corporate Site

    Corporate Site

  • Onound Media

    Onound Media

  • Membership Site

    Membership Site

  • Online Shop

    Online Shop

  • Multilingual Site

    Multilingual Site

  • Reservation Site

    Reservation Site

  • Landing pages

    Landing pages

  • Recruitment sites

    Recruitment sites


  • Site Operation

    Site Operation

  • Server/Domain Transfer

    Server/Domain Transfer

  • Server Maintenance

    Server Maintenance

  • System Consultation

    System Consultation

  • I need advice on site renewal.
  • The design is ready.
    I want you to make it work.
  • I want to rebuild the current system
  • I want the site to be easy to update.
  • In-house engineers can't handle it alone and need help
  • I want to start an e-commerce site,
    but I don't know how to make it.

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